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Our aim at MacMor Media to develop sustainable strategies to create tangible results that help your business grow and thrive. Because we are a small business too, our interest lies in providing high-value web presence at an affordable price to businesses of similar size. We are unique in that our passion for modern design bends the boundaries of creative functionality.

I strongly believe we should all get together and make anything possible!

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Do We Need Frameworks?

t Are you building on the right foundation? Let’s be honest, we do this job because on some deep level, we love to build stuff. We enjoy finding the right foundations, gathering some knowledge and ultimately creating something. But sometimes we’re just building...

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Top 10 Blog Monetisation Strategies (Part 3)

3. Services/Consulting/Coaching The sale of information is the most attractive option to make money with your blog, but let’s not discount the sale of services. It might not be as sexy in this world where everybody talks about “passive income” and the horrors of...

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Top 10 Blog Monetisation Strategies (Part 2)

2. Information Products (Of Your Own) While a membership site is really a platform for selling a digital information product, we must allow for other formats. For instance, some people prefer to sell e-books. Some people prefer to sell their digital products using...

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Top 10 Blog Monetisation Strategies (Part 1)

This post was first created in 2009, but has recently been radically expanded and updated for 2016. You want to make money with your blogging efforts. But, how? Which method is the best one? I have now been teaching blog monetization for about 7 years – and in that...

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